ATX Converge Tonight at The Mohawk

19 09 2008

Fill in these blanks.  This will get your name on the exclusive list of invited guests for the ATX CONVERGE.   Feel free to invite fellow filmmakers, musicians, interactive artists, and designers of all walks. (Entry is limited, and attendees will be allowed in on a first-come, first-served basis in compliance with the Mohawk’s capacity.)


White Denim is a living testament to the power of audience excitement.  Through a massive web of positive reviews, traveling by word-of-mouth and the internet, they became the crown jewel of Austin’s rock scene.  After a series of rowdy shows at The Mohawk Lounge, White Denim toured the States, and made it overseas for a European tour this summer.  Their triumphant return to Austin will be marked by ATX Converge, and they will be performing a week later at the Austin City Limits festival.

“Repeatedly cited as one of Austin’s best up-and-coming bands, White Denim pulls the rug out from under headliners with its show-stopping energy and kineticism, making it one of the most talked about local acts at this year’s SXSW.  The trio’s mix of clanging post-punk din, Minutemen-style funk, and howling spazz-rock–a daunting combination, to be sure–regularly wins over audiences with its primal, polyrhythmic fury.”  –The Onion


An Austin favorite, Belaire weaves an undefinable sound mixing synth-rock, frenchpop, and brazil-funk with prog elements to twist and shake the minds and asses of audiences near and far. The band’s intensely happy stage show has literally caused delirium among fans at sold-out shows at Emo’s and The Mohawk Lounge as well as at venues throughout the country.

“The band hasn’t lost any of its sugary rush, but seems to have added shades of grey to its Technicolor sound, making for a richer overall experience. It must be nice to have to choose between playing in two stellar bands [Voxtrot or Belaire], sort of like choosing which pair of pants to wear – one stuffed with thousand dollar bills or the ones that give you the power to fly.” – The Onion

“Bursts with an entire spectrum of yellows, blues, and greens, and a kaleidoscope of textures. The future never looked brighter.”  – The Austin Chronicle


With a raucous and spectacle-filled stage show, Black Joe Lewis has found himself in the middle of the soul revival.  On stage, intense vocals and James Brown-style theatrics leave audiences captivated, and in the studio, Joe is backed by Austin’s most established acts, including Spoon and Grupo Fantasma.  Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears will perform at ATX Converge only weeks after having played at Loolapalooza.  They will also be performing at Austin City Limits this fall.

“Black Joe Lewis ladles out all grit, no gravy. He spits lyrics in short bursts of aggression like bricks at glass windows.  At the group’s first show at the Beauty Bar, not exactly the traditional blues circuit, Lewis turned the head of Britt Daniel, an encounter that led to the Honey Bears opening Spoon’s West Coast tour last summer. The two bands now share the same management, and Spoon drummer and producer Jim Eno is helping the young soul-shouter cook up a batch of new tracks, including the horn-driven R&B explosion “Gunpowder,” which features blazing horns from Grupo Fantasma.”  — Thomas Fawcett, The Austin Chronicle


This brand new act is a brainchild of two DJs from Austin’s electronic scene. Freshmillions brings the flair of the underground warehouse parties of older days into the live music scene of the Red River District. With a non-stop “dance party” style, this group is sure to electrify any audience.




2 responses

19 09 2008
Carl Grutt

What a great line up. The sort that makes me excited to be an Austinite! Wit the saturation of shows in this town it’s easy to say “Eh, next time,” but it’s shows that you don’t wanna miss and get you outta the routien, again.

19 09 2008
Matthew Duncan

Perfect! Not a bad apple in the bunch. The kind of show you get to early as to not miss the “openers.” See ya there, and More please!

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