Discussions: The New Year

19 09 2008

We told you guys earlier this week that The New Year will be promoting their new self titled album this Saturday at Emo’s. We also gave you the chance to win tickets to the show and a lot of you guys took the opportunity to see The New Year. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and we will be emailing Jason later as he is the winner of our very first ticket giveaway. But nonetheless, we suggest you guys break open that piggy bank and head down 6th street to see these guys perform their latest tunes.

We not only had a chance to listen to The New Year’s new album before it hit the stores, but we also got a chance to talk to them about their new album and the process in which it came to be. So for your viewing pleasure…

EA: So four years have passed since the last New Year album. How was the recording process for this one compared to the first two? Had you been working on the material for the entire four years or was there a break in between albums?

Bubba: There were a few songs and song elements floating around in different stages of completion between 2004 and 2006, but work on the new album really begin with “MMV” on December 31, 2005. That was when I felt like we started moving forward with it. The bulk of the album came together in late 2006 and early 2007 before recording in fall of 2007.
The recording process did differ in a few ways compared to the previous two. There were some different instruments being used, but it was unusual for us because we continued recording for longer than we have in the past, meaning that more days were actually spent tracking parts than usual. The last two albums were tracked more quickly, even though “The End is Near” took longer to mix.

EA: Can you tell us what music you’ve been listening to lately that perhaps in some way has also inspired your own?

Bubba: The last three albums I listened to were Roxy Music “Stranded”, The Kinks “Muswell Hillbillies”, and an Erik Satie collection. When we were working on the songs for this album, like previous albums, I was not actively listening to any other music.

Matt: I would add Bottomless Pit and the Erik Satie-like Shannon Wright to the mix. Although at this point the record was done, I really liked seeing a band called STNNNG who we played with in Minneapolis this past summer.

EA: You recently toured just as the Kadane Brothers without the full band line-up. I saw the show in Austin at Emo’s and it was great. The spareness really amplified the strength of the melodies in your songs. How did you feel playing with just the two of you?

Bubba: Thanks a lot. I like playing that way every now and then and that tour was a lot of fun. Matt and I definitely start to miss the full band after a while, but those shows were very gratifying and the crowds were very attentive and enthusiastic, which made it nice.

Matt: On the seven or eight shows we played in July with Bottomless Pit, Bubba and I played our last song to bleed into the first Pit song, and then we stopped playing once they were about a minute into it. Each time we did this I got increasingly reluctant to leave the stage. Playing as a duo was like taking a warm shower in a cold bathroom and never quite fully escaping the cold air. Playing with the Pit I felt like that shower turned into a bath…a warm bath that those fuckers then forced us to leave.

EA: Bedhead was and is still to this day a seminal and influential band. Not to make you feel old (or me for that matter!), but what are your thoughts on the impact of your music transitioning from one generation of music fans to another?

Bubba: I feel like I know what impact we have had on bands that came along after us. Some days I feel like we sold all of our albums to musicians.

Matt: I’m grateful people listen to our records.

The New Year – The Door Opens

The New Year – Body and Soul

The New Year – Seven Days and Seven Nights




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22 09 2008

yes! that’s one fine interview right there. wink wink nudge nudge 😉

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