Triple Crown Tattoo

6 10 2008

We have a few pieces of art works on us and we have been thinking that we are in need of some more. There are several places we can go to in this area and we have decided to take a look at a few of them and the first one was Triple Crown Tattoo on Chicon. Scott Ellis is the owner of this shop and if he sounds familiar to you it’s because he has been on the True Blue staff for a few years prior to opening Triple Crown last December. He decided to open his shop in East Austin and took an old building and completely remodeled the place. We love the look of the shop and it’s pretty hip. Obviously it’s October so they had a few Halloween items up and it just made the place much more interesting. They have four tattoo artist on tap and if you are looking for some ink, this is a place worth considering.

click on image for slide show




One response

6 10 2008

Hey, it’s Emily. My coworker’s boyfriend, Ezra, is an artist at Triple Crown, and I’ve seen lots of his work up close. He’s great, and I’ll be visiting there for my next tattoo, whenever I figure out what it’ll be!

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