Eats: Las Cazuelas

9 10 2008

We were just hanging out on a lazy Sunday and were in dire need of getting our stomachs filled and we suddenly remembered how several people seemed to love Las Cazuelas. Las Cazuelas is right off of Cesar Chavez, and as soon as you walk in, it’s clear that this place has been a fixture of this neighborhood for a while now.

This is a no-frills authentic Mexican restaurant here — no Tex-Mex, no fancy margaritas. Just Ramon Ayala on the jukebox, or a troupe of mariachis to serenade you while you CAREFULLY dip into the extra spicy salsa set before you. Seriously guys, it is hot, but the tortilla chips (which taste like they’re fresh from El Milagro) are so fresh and tasty, it’s hard to hold back. We went for the chicken fajitas, which came out sizzling hot, and piled high. Prices are low and overall, there’s not much to complain about. There is also a primo selection of Mexican candies including our personal favorites, mazapanes. Perfect sweet ending to a spicy meal.

Truthfully, we feel like it’s more of an atmosphere place. We like the laid back attitude and, well, we like us some mariachis. So if that’s what you’re in the mood for, check it out. We’re hoping this place sticks around through the changes the East side is going through.




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11 10 2008

OMFG seriously, Cazuelas is my favorite. The micheladas are huge, full of fresh lime and just the right amount of spice and ice. My favorite dish is the mole enchiladas. Also, try the lunch counter behind Cazuelas, they are owned by the same person but the lunch counter offer quicker service. The vegetarian burrito there is great.

30 10 2008

Enchiladas Potosiñas = Heart Attack
SRSLY. Few dishes that I know of in Austin should carry a warning about the potential coronary dangers contained therein, but this would be close to the top of my list. Obvious note: This is not a vegetarian dish.

A pinwheel of oil seeping cheese empanadas topped with mounds of chorizo, sour cream, pan fried potatoes and a mountain of cotija cheese on a bed of lettuce (an effort to make it well-rounded, no doubt).

Enchiladas Potosiñas = Delicious

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