Housing: 2507 East 10th Street

14 10 2008

We bought a place when we moved to Austin. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons we moved here. There comes a point when someone feels like they need to have something of their own. Then the economy went to shit and it all turned into a cluster-fuck. So that’s why this house is so attractive. You can either flat out buy it, or rent it for a lower monthly cost. It would have been nice to have a place like this… even if it was for a short period of time. The owner contacted us earlier in the week asking if we could help them find someone to adopt their house. We wish it could be us! But maybe one of you guys might be interested in this awesome place.

A lot of the remodeled homes in East Austin are getting this sort of “Green” aesthetic and we love it. We love the bungalow style homes of yesteryear. They keep their timeless charm and get updated with the the best of what modern home building has to offer. The home is located on 2507 East 10th Street and the asking price is $387,500. That’s a little too rich for our blood, but it’s nice to know that you can have it for the rental price of  $1,750. If you want more info, contact the seller here. What do you guys think? Is this your style? Is this something that you think will fit in with your idea of East Austin?

I originally purchased the home ~18 months ago and just finished restoring it to it’s original 1940’s charm with a modern flair. I am a big fan of East Austin and originally purchased the home to be my residence, but during that time we had our first child and didn’t want to move mom and baby during such a transitional period.  Based on the stories from the neighbors, this house was at one point in time one of the largest, most beautiful homes on the block and had slowly fallen into decay.  We were able to preserve the structure and restore all the original wood including the long leaf pine floors and the amazing shiplap wall that runs the length of the entire house. In addition, we added a secondary bathroom and utilized the height of the house to add a secondary loft/storage space on the second floor perfect of an office or play area. Restoring this house was a labor of love and nothing but the most high-end finish-out was used to restore the home. We feel the remodel does a great job of preserving the look and feel of East Austin while adding a modern flare. I wanted to pass this along to anyone who has interest in either owning or renting  in East Austin.

For the record, we are not getting any kind of money to post this. We just love looking at things we can’t afford. It’s even better since it’s actually in East Austin.




3 responses

20 10 2008
East Austin Now

Is that price right? $387,000.00? What is the sq ft of the home? I’m sorry, maybe I need to shop for homes, but in the east side I see homes going for $65,000.00. Yes, I know its been totally redone. Great Job. But, even if I was making an income to afford the home, I am not sure if I would pay that much for a home on the East Side.

I wish the owners all the best. They put a lot of work into it and it shows.

26 10 2008

I have actually been to this house recently & it is such a great home! I loved the details in the kitchen & baths. The flow of the living area & kitchen goes really well — this home looked perfect for entertaining (especially with a deck like that)!!

30 10 2008

omg, i want it!!!! it’s GORGEOUS! the house is absolutely amazing!

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