The Peacock Is A-Changin

19 10 2008

We went to The Peacock a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast. Apparently they are changing their night time routine for some reason. Here are the details taken directly from their myspace page.

We’ve been making some small changes at The Peacock that you may have noticed and we have a few more coming up.

“The Cage:” We got rid of that crazy cage thing with curtains that was by the front door. We built it to cut down on noise outside when people came in and out. I don’t know that it ever worked as advertised and we moved the entrance to the side anyway. It looks a lot brighter and more spacious inside now.

Juke Box:  We decided to get a juke box again. Unfortunately, it’s not our cool wall mounted peacock juke box of yesteryear. (We only ever got it to work for a few weeks, anyway.)

This juke box is pretty cool, but a little pricey. I had to pass.

This new juke box is pretty cool. It’s got a hard drive that holds 2,000 songs in a high quality audio format. It’s also connected via the Internet to a database of over 300,000 songs. E-mail us if you have any suggestions for songs to put on the hard drive.

Tap Beer: A lot of people have been asking for something on tap. We’re rearranging the bar so we can get a keg back there. If you only have one tap, you have to make it Lone Star. We are in Texas, after all. We’ll be selling pints and probably pitchers at a great price, all the time.

The Patio:  The city’s rejected our paperwork. Twice. You would think we were building a subdivision in the rainforest with all the requirements at the city. We’re just building two walls and a bathroom, not a high rise.

It looks like we’ll get the city’s approval next week. Then we have to get approval from the Planning Commission. So, when’s the patio coming? November? December?

Cuisine de Cocktail:  It looks like we’ll be saying au revoir to Cuisine de Cocktail. It was fun, but it was also a lot of work with not much return for us or the great folks at Cissi’s.

Kill the DJ:  We’re stopping the DJs on Friday night for the time being. More reason to play the new juke box!




One response

20 10 2008

The Peacock Lounge does indeed need change, but I’m not sure all of those are better alternatives. I LOVE the Peacock. The White Peack is the queen of cocktails in my book and I haven’t found anywhere I town where I can get such well-made drinks in such a cool backdrop. I always want to see a live lounge singer in there or just hear 60s soul, but some of the DJs the place has courted have been downright obnoxious. A club that small with no patio and hard floors is NOT a dance club, it has en echo, it is a LOUNGE. I always have to been in there like an old lady asking them to please turn down the music so I don’t have to scream in my friend’s face in a club with only 8 people inside. I guess I just don’t trust the general public to choose good music from a jukebox, but I’m glad to see (some of) the DJs get the boot. Losing the cage is a big improvement and an addition of patio is BIGGG.

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