Sounds: The Death Set Tuesday at Red 7

20 10 2008

We caught these guys a couple of months back at the Mohawk opening for Matt and Kim and they were definitely memorable. For their entire set, they decided to forgo the stage and set up right in the middle of all the kids rocking their faces off. This time, they will be headlining at Red 7 in front of Best Fwends, Cry Blood Apache and DJ Richard Henry.

The Death Set – Around The World

The Death Set – Negative Thinking




5 responses

21 10 2008

I’ll be there with brass knobs on! Did you guys make it to the Matt and Kim afterparty on the Lamar Pedestrian bridge? I had a lil too much fun that nite πŸ™‚

21 10 2008

i was trying to be witty with my “knobs” comment…please delete it because it makes absoulutly no sense lol.

21 10 2008

It didn’t make sense… but the second comment makes it hilarious. We didn’t get to go to that but im sure it must have been pretty cool. How many people ended up showing up?

22 10 2008

The show last nite was very intimate…I deff thought there would be more people out there, but it was a Tuesday you know. I still had a blast spazzing out to The Death Set! Check out Best Fwends with Japanther at Beerland on 10/30…that should bee good good.

22 10 2008

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