FOOD! Where!? Over There!

21 10 2008

There really aren’t many options when it comes to getting groceries in our nabe. We have the HEB down on 7th street, but sometimes the produce isn’t as fresh as we would like. At times, the lines are longer than normal and honestly, it’s a little gross. Come on! We aren’t the only ones that feel this way. We have met A LOT of East Austin residents through our blog and whenever this subject comes up, many people admit that they travel west of I-35 and hit up either Whole Foods or the HEB at the Handcock Center.

So tell us, where do you go? Do you feel like there would be room for an organic food store to compete with the 7th street HEB?




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21 10 2008
Joe N.

Rumor is a new grocery store is going up in the Mueller Development right next to Austin Studios.

21 10 2008

Boggy Creek Farm Market Days are Weds and Sat mornings. Greenling delivers local produce and grocery items to East Austin, and so does Soup Peddler. Other than that, Wheatsville is a good choice: closer (or as close as) the Hancock HEB and Fiesta, and definitely closer than Central Market.

21 10 2008

Feel free to delete this comment but I have to mention that HEB is on 7th, not 6th. 🙂 I do wish there was an affordable grocery store with fresh local produce in the area!

21 10 2008

Joe – That’s pretty awesome. A new option would rock. I am really glad that they built that Home Depot there for sure. Any idea what chain it will be?

Kiita – Thanks for the heads up on evertyhing.. and yeah.. ouch totally named the wrong street. We need to check out that Boggy Creek Farm Market this weekend.

22 10 2008

i was doing a google search for grocery stores in east austin (that HEB doesn’t even have a bread section!) and i came across your Mundi review on Yelp (i work there) then found my way here to coincidentally see you have a blog about this. anyways, another option would be amazing- especially for us east side bike riders who don’t want to travel all the way to whole foods, wheatsville, etc., and drag back all the amazing things we find.

22 10 2008

I don’t know you guys, but I really appreciate that you used a production still from Death Note for this! Wicked!

And I agree that the east side does need another grocer or two. Perhaps a Fresh Plus? I luckily live in the immediate vicinity of Central Market and Wheatsville, so I don’t feel your pain.

27 10 2008

Hailey – Yeah… as a person who used to ride my bike EVERYWHERE…. I really wish there was a place around here where I could load up the Chrome bag with enough stuff to make a nice dinner. We ended up going to the HEB at the Hancock Center since Sarah is going Vegan and we couldn’t find half the things we wanted. We had to go to Whole Foods. So now we have to make two runs.. it wouldn’t be so bad if we could just have a place where we didn’t have to get in the car, find parking, avoid getting hit by idiot drivers. Oh.. btw.. we will probably stop by Cafe Mundi soon for some waffles. yum.

Steph – I would love to take credit for the Death Note reference but a google search came up with it and it looked awesome. Not as wicked as we seem to be! Fresh Plus?? Have to look into that. hhmm.

27 10 2008

If only they would turn the HEB into a Central Market.

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