Halloween at the Scoot Inn you say? Good idea!

22 10 2008

F’in Halloween. So many ugly people in inappropriate costumes. Second only to New Year’s Eve in the pressure to find someplace to party it up. Then make some plans!

YOU: “Make Halloween plans before the actual night of Halloween? But I’m spontaneous! I like to see where the night will take me!”

ME: Don’t be a fool. Without a plan, we both know the night will “take you” no farther then your sofa, where you’ll spend a lonely evening in your Harry Potter costume wondering why no one has awesome parties like they did back in the old days.

YOU: But planning is so hard!

ME: Agreed. So we’ll do this together! We will post things happening on Halloween and you will read about them.

Item #1 for your consideration:

So we all know and love the Scoot Inn (in our case mostly because of the Sock Hop, which is no longer at the Scoot Inn, but we digress). Looks like they are planning some crazy shindig at their place for Halloween. We don’t even really know what all that info on the poster means, but what we do know is it’s close to where we live (imperative on a heavy drinking night), involves bikes, music, and some sort of giant snake. That’s what she said. Ay-OH. Sounds like a party. More later.




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