Gangster’s Paradise: Tomatoes, Herbs, Lemons!

28 10 2008

There’s this big empty lot on East 6th street we drive past regularly.  It’s all overgrown and ugly, and really needs some love and we thought that in New York City, some guerilla gardners would be all over that space. We didn’t know this until about 5 minutes ago, but apparently that’s where the movement sort of began, at least that’s where the term originated. Which got us thinking — this seems like a guerilla gardening kind of town, too. We’ve driven past several little community gardens in our explorations around the city, so we got to googling, and lo and behold! A gang of gardeners in Austin are working on a little garden right here in East Austin! Supposedly there’s a lemon tree and herbs and veggies and all kinds of stuff.

We, personally, are not lucky enough to have a little patch of green to call our own. What we have is a metal balcony that gets direct sunlight for about 12 hours a day, which has quickly killed even the heartiest of plants. Seriously. Even the cactus is hanging on by a thread. We are also not the greenest of thumbs, and the Garden Posse, Austin’s guerilla gardening fairy godmothers, should probably inflict a restraining order against us, lest we quickly undo all of their progress with our mere brown-thumb presence. They are almost done with the East Side garden, it seems, and will be moving on to a yet-to-be-determined spot in South Austin. So if you feel like beautifying some fugly land out there, get in touch with these guys and start getting your hands dirty!

UPDATE: For all of you guys hoping to join the movement, you can meet the Garden Posse tonight at 7:30 at this location on the east side. Thanks to Lindsay for the info, and if you have any questions for the group, feel free to email her. No SPAM… we will hunt you down…they have all the tools to bury you!




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