Win Tickets! – Calexico and The Acorn at Antone’s Friday

3 11 2008

**To enter for the tickets, email us HERE and please have Calexico on the subject. We will let you guys know by Thursday morning who the winner is.**

Calexico, the band from Tuscon, Arizona, will be headlining this Friday at Antone’s serenading the audience with new material from their recently released album Carried to Dust. We have to admit that we weren’t exposed to the band until they colarorated with Iron & Wine, also known as Samuel Beam, on an EP titled In The Reins. From there, you could easily identify the bands unique sounds, and you’ve probably heard their music playing behind Ira’s voice during This American Life’s episodes.

Calexico is known for their, dare we say, worldly indie rock and it shows… The album opens with Victor Jara’s Hands, which starts off innocently and quickly escalates as the horns start blaring and the songs reaches a state of head-bobbing fun. Two Silver Trees follows with a funky bass line that gets me going. Our favorite track has to be Writers Minor Holiday. If you don’t believe little ol’ us, then maybe you will trust the masterminds of it all, Pitchfork, who gave their latest offering a solid 8.3.

Calexico -Writer’s Minor Holiday

Calexico -Two Silver Trees

Calexico -Victor Jara’s Hands

On top of seeing Calexico, those of you who get there early will be able to see one of our favorite artists, Otatwa’s The Acorn. We heart these guys a lot and if you listen to what they have to offer (see below) you will see why. They released their last album, Glory Hope Mountain, a little over a year ago and have been touring since October on their 2008 North American tour.

The Acorn – Antenna

The Acorn – Flood

The Acorn – Low Gravity




2 responses

4 11 2008

i sure do hope i win the tickets!!

5 11 2008

OH! the acorn is SOOO good live. loved them.

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