Sips on 7th Needs Your Generosity

17 11 2008


The good people of Sip’s on 7th are getting stuff together to donate to an adopted family for the holiday season. They are gathering as much as they can and if you feel like helping, make sure you do so before the 22nd of November.

“Hello friends of Sips!

In this time of giving thanks, we at Sips on 7th have much to be thankful for! In that spirit of giving, we have adopted a family of 5 for whom we will be providing a holiday meal. We’re hoping our Sips family will join in the giving.
Please consider donating an item from the following list to our goody basket:

Cans of corn, green beans, peas, cream of mushroom soup, cranberry sauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

French fried onions

boxes of stuffing mix

boxes of instant potatoes


Gravy packets

Some sort of dessert (pies, cake, etc)

Maybe some fresh fruit or nuts

Any other goodies you’d like to contribute; a cool nutcracker you never used, candles for the table, etc.

The basket is located on the newspaper stand at the shop. And while you’re there, you might as well warm up with a great cup of coffee, latte or hot chocolate! All items must be received by Saturday, November 22 in order to be delivered in time for Thanksgiving.

Thank you in advanced for your generosity! May what you cast out into the universe return to you tenfold!”




One response

20 11 2008

Very generous of them.

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