Progress Coffee Celebrates Birthday Thursday

19 11 2008

Progress Coffee will be giving back to everyone this Thursday to say thanks to their patrons. Everything they have inside of their shop will be free of charge, but they will be taking contributions for the Bread for the World and/or Capital Area Food Bank charities. You can skip the pleasantries and just take their stuff and run… but we won’t be doing that, now will we?

“It’s that time of year again—the anniversary of the opening of Progress Coffee. Thanks to lots of super good TLC, crazy awesome support from the community and yes, hard work, Progress continues to thrive while proudly promoting Austin’s righteous coffee, food, art and music cultures.

My favorite definition of “progress” is “continual betterment,” and on every one of these past 1,460 days (and counting), I stay mindful of what “progress” means. My daily reminder? The green Progress sign on the roof.

By definition I work continually to improve Progress’ food, beverage, and service. But beyond the café’s responsibility to you and other loyal patrons, we also try to continually better ourselves.

One way we do this is by contributing to our community. In so doing, Progress has decided to commemorate the Big 0-4 by opening our cash drawer to you and to charity.

So on Thursday, November 20th, everything we brew, bake, heat or fix at Progress will be FREE. Gratis. Complimentary (with our compliments, of course).

That’s right; all day long, all of it—coffee, food and drinks—will be on the house with no strings, no tricks, no catch—no joke. That’s almost 13 hours of complete and sweet FREEness.

I repeat: you will get whatever you want without charge. In return, all I ask is that you consider contributing whatever you can to Bread for the World and/or Capital Area Food Bank. Any amount (or no amount) is fine, whatever you’re comfortable with a penny, a buck, a hundred bucks- cash, credit, check or change Progress will take it and donate it all. And if you can’t or just don’t want to contribute, no worries—it’s certainly not a requirement (and nobody will look at you funny).

At the end of the day, we’ll donate all the proceeds—100%—to these two charities so your loose change can unleash change.

It’s that simple. Progress gives you FREE food and drinks, you give whatever you want or can to feed those in need. And in the end, we all give thanks. (Now that’s progress).

Joshua Bingaman”




One response

3 12 2008

WOW, how did I miss this post 😦

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