Etsy Store: Rachel Goldstar

20 11 2008

We have made it a habit to feature some of east Austin’s craftiest residents. Designers, artist and anyone who has a talent for things like this really interest us, and we hope you guys enjoy reading about them as well. Today we have Rachel Goldstar. She might sound familiar to you guys due to her musical talents, but today we are talking about her Etsy store and how she contributes to making the world a more fashionable place. Also, Rachel’s cat is requiring some serious vet attention, so all of the proceeds from her sales will go to the kitty…. we are adding stuff to our cart as we speak.


EA: Your store contains several Holga pictures. Where do you like to go and take these pictures? Are they random or do you have a place where you like to shoot?

RG: Whenever i travel, I take a camera with me. I like to take photos in busy cities just as much as i like to shoot in the desert. I love dramatic landscape (the redwood forest meeting the pacific ocean) and I love European architecture. most of the time, it’s the Holga i take with me because I’ve been teaching myself the ins and outs for about 10 years and it’s a light plastic camera. recently I’ve also been shooting with a vintage Yashica-A twin lens that is super heavy and not easy to travel with if I’m going by plane. i guess the shots are random because most of them are capturing an image or moment I find to be intriguing as I’m walking/driving along. if I’m driving around Austin, I’ll take the Holga with me in case i have an extra moment…there are so many parts of Austin I wish to document, but i haven’t really planned it out. I like the spontaneous nature of taking a camera with me when I’m out doing errands. I did recently find some contact sheets with photos of Liberty Lunch coming down. the city has changed so much and having lived here for 25 years, i wish i had documented more.


EA:  The jewelry you have in stock is amazing. Is this something that you were schooled in, or is it something you decided you wanted to do on your own?

RG: I am not schooled in jewelry making. I would call myself more of a composer. I put the pieces I buy from supply shops together in a composition that I find pleasing.


EA: You have a few ties in your store. How did you get a hold of these prints? They aren’t something you see everyday to say the least.

RG: I used to drive down to the Mexican border to a small town called Eagle Pass and dig through piles and piles of clothes in the hot sun. I would buy clothes by the pound. At the time it was a necessity to clothe myself but i also scored a number of vintage goodies and made some decent cash (back in the days when there were only 2 vintage shops in town). I still wear a few coats that I found back then; it’s been over 10 years since i’ve done that. it was like treasure hunting. now that i think about it, i miss it! those ties came from one of those treasure hunts and i saved them for years because i wanted to make something out of them. They are in mint condition! several of them are the same size and look like they were made for the same (tall) person. He must have had mad style!


EA: Finally, do you feel that East Austin has influenced you and your work in any way?

RG: I have lived in East Austin since 1997. I really love the old, dilapidated buildings on Austin’s Central East side…where the paint has crumbled and the signs are worn. I don’t know that it has influenced my work, but i have been inspired by the color and vibrancy of the East side. Look for more images of Austin, including shots from the East side, in my Etsy shop over the next couple of months.

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