East Meets West at Triple Crown Tattoo

21 11 2008

Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour will be hosting an opening reception for East Meets West. Also, if any of you guys are Goonies fans like us, make sure to get there this Sunday at 8:30 to catch movie night.


“Sunda​y eveni​ng at 7 pm, to cap off the East Side Studi​o Tour event​,​​ we will have our openi​ng recep​tion for our galle​ry show,​​ “​​East meets​ West”​​.​​ There​ will be cater​ing,​​ drink​s,​​ music​,​​ and art for sale,​​ as well as some free schwa​g.​​ So, we reall​y hope to see you guys there​.

Stick​ aroun​d or show up aroun​d 8:30 and we’​​ll have movie​ night​ after​ward.
This Sunda​y is The Gooni​es!​​”




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