Flickr: East Austin Studio Tour

24 11 2008

East Austin was the center of the Austin universe for a brief moment last weekend. Honestly, I think that’s how we like it. If we wanted that much attention, we would have move to the AMLI downtown. We only had a chance to see about 10 of the studio’s but that completely wiped us out. Our favorites had to be #25 Jeffery Swansons work and #16 Fisterra Studios. We ran into some friends while at Art Palace and they told us that these two were not to be missed and we have to agree. Here are a few pictures from Sunday. You can see the rest of them on our Flickr page.




2 responses

26 11 2008

I had fun and hit the tour on my bike…went to ok mt gallery & studio, art palace, and flatbed…next yr i will be so much more prepared. what a workout 😛

28 11 2008

I missed E.A.S.T. because I had to work (at an art gallery, incidentally) but I really enjoy these photos from it. Also glad to have stumbled across your blog from That Austin Girl. I’m an Austin blogger as well and am looking to connect with others. ❤

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