From The WTF Files: Must Look Away

31 12 2008

So if you haven’t heard by now, Justin Timberlake did an awesome skit on SNL with Beyonce. The parody was of her song Single Ladies. Well it’s hard to find the whole skit due to a few issues, but you can see portions of it here. As usual, the common man tries their best to upstage the celebrity… we think this guy can do it.

You should probably see the original SNL video HERE before you see this one.

*Do Not Eat 2 Hours Before or After You Watch This*



All Grown Up!

30 12 2008

Stortini on Manor Road has metamorphosed (is this even a word?!) again from Stortini (formerly El Gringo) to The Red House Pizzeria!

Red House Lounge will always have a special place in my heart as that spot that I went on my first I-didn’t-know-this-was-a-date-or-I-would-have-shaved-my-legs date with my ol’ sugar pie. Which also means that it’s also that lovely little place I went to before almost making out in the parking lot of the Poodle Dog Lounge on Burnet Road. See, now I have given you all the secrets to lasting romance!

We kinda live and die by the East Side Pie but we are very interested to see what’s shaking at Red House these days!


It’s Austin Free Week!

30 12 2008

saturday, jan 3rd at the mohawk

While checking in on our fab hair lady at Bird’s Barbershop today, we were excited to see on their site that the River Boat Gamblers will be playing Saturday, Jan. 3rd at the Mohawk for Austin’s “Free Week.”

We had no idea what that meant until recently either… but, for the first week of 09, our most favorite Red River venues will be hosting some pretty amazing bands!

For free! (hence, the “free” part of “free week” smartypants).

Jan. 2nd-Jan. 10th… and, not just at Emo’s as in past years, but Club de Ville, Red 7, the Mohawk, and le Beauty Bar too!

We are also excited to see that Car Stereo Wars will be playing after midnight. We don’t know if Chris will remember us, but  we met him during SXSW and he was seriously the nicest person on earth!

Tell us who else we should go see!

Happy New Year!

UPDATE! We realized we’ve been holding out on you! Earthbird Music provided a really easy (simple like “The Google” for your parents) cheat sheet with all of the bands/dates/locations and it is here. Who said we never gave you anything? (Ok, so that rash didn’t count! Meep!)

NYE: Prince and Dancing? What’s Not To Love?

29 12 2008

The Scoot Inn will be hosting the Prince Nite New Years Eve 2008 on Wednesday as part of a benefit for the Sims Foundation. According to the flyer, there will be sex & romance here. All you swingers can apply at the door.



NYE: Party Like It’s 1919 at The Peacock

29 12 2008

flappersWe happened to have been at The Peacock when they last had one of these flapper parties and it looked like a lot of fun. We didn’t get to dress up because we didn’t get the memo, but we had a great time looking at all of the intricate suits and dresses. If you missed it, you will get your chance to party it up 1920’s style this Wednesday.

“We are having a “Great Gatsby” New Year’s Eve at The Peacock. Except they didn’t have DJs and Lone Star on tap on Long Island in the 1920s.

While all the Sixth Street and Warehouse District bars charging crazy cover charges, we, as always, have no cover. Who wants to be out there during Amateur Night anyway? We will have free favors and a complimenary champagne toast at midnight. DJ Alan B will be spinning from 10 PM to close.

So, break out the tuxedo, flapper dress, cigarette holder, bathtub gin, etc. and come by to ring in the New Year.”


Happy Holidays!

23 12 2008


In case you haven’t noticed our lack of posts in the last couple of days, we are kinda phoning it in until the holidays are over. We will be back after Thursday and then we can discuss all of our New Year’s options! Until then, have a safe and happy holidays.

Oh, and if you or someone you know  would like to contribute to the blog and join our little group, we are in dire need of help. We would really appreciate any help you can give.

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Get A $25 Tattoo at Triple Crown Tomorrow

23 12 2008

If you have been thinking about getting that christmas themed tattoo for a while, now is the time to actually get it. Triple Crown on Chicon will be charging only $25 a pop for each christmas themed tattoo.

“Due to my lack of family and my work ethic of a japanese business man, I’ll be working Christmas eve. So come one come all and get santa claus and Christmas tattoos for $25. I’ll have some spiked egg nog and holiday spirits to enjoy. Get ahold of me asap to get a spot.
Merry Kwanzaa