The Good Knight in High Demand

3 12 2008

It seems like our pal, Billy the bartender, over at The Good Knight, has his very own fan club. According to this missed connections post on craigslist, our lovely bartender serves the best meatloaf in town.

my jolly lovegod at the good knight – m4m – 38 (eastside)

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Date: 2008-12-02, 12:02PM CST

me-more cushion for the pushin, sipping on your delicious con-cock-tions, back corner booth. you-lookin fly in that vest of yours, you blushed, so did i, we had a moment didn’t we? i wanna pour whiskey gravy all over you, while being fed your meatloaf.





3 responses

3 12 2008

it’s because billy makes the best draaankssss in townnnn!!!

3 12 2008

A naked Billy covered in gravy. Maybe that should be the EA mascot.

8 12 2008

Billy covered in whisky gravy. Or as we call it “Thursday, 9AM”

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