That Austin Girl = Stool Pigeon This Sunday

4 12 2008


One of our favorite Austin bloggers, That Austin Girl, will be the featured stool pigeon this Sunday at the ColdTowne Theater on Airport. Yes it’s true, we did get asked to be stool pigeons too, but we must say that we are chicken shits. But that is neither here nor there. Two things that we want to say…

1. Go see Tolly and read her blog.

2. Go see Chris Trew and the crew at the ColdTowne Theater. They are funny as hell… true story.. we went to one of their shows a few weeks ago and we had a great time. You can bring your own drinks, which totally rules, and you will be gauranteed to laugh.




One response

4 12 2008

WOW!!! I am beyond flattered, you guys. I hope I receive the honor of your presence, and SOMEDAY, the honor of attendance when YOU guys are up there!!! DO IT, James and Sarah!

And Sarah, congratulations about writing for Rare!! Welcome to the Rare family. Can’t wait to check out your stuff.

So much love–

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