The Uglysuit at The Mohawk Tuesday

8 12 2008

l_b2aee4e89b1237f9b341585c359f6ae5We write a lot about music on our little blog. We are sure that a lot of times you ask yourself why in the hell does a blog about East Austin write about this stuff. It’s simple. We love music. The best music venues in Austin are only a bike ride away on Red River. And… people keep sending us free music and stuff. With that being said, we want to tell you guys how much we love The Uglysuit. It’s not just because we got it in the mail either. We get a lot of stuff free stuff in the mail now a days, but it’s hard to find those truly good bits. This is one of them. The Uglysuit’s style is right up our alley and it doesn’t disappoint. We aren’t going to pretend that we are music critics, so don’t listen to us, listen to the tracks yourself and check out the Youtube video below.


The Ugly Suit – And We Became Sunshine

The Ugly Suit – Brownblue’s Passing

The Ugly Suit – Let It Be Known

The Ugly Suit – Chicago




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