It’s Austin Free Week!

30 12 2008

saturday, jan 3rd at the mohawk

While checking in on our fab hair lady at Bird’s Barbershop today, we were excited to see on their site that the River Boat Gamblers will be playing Saturday, Jan. 3rd at the Mohawk for Austin’s “Free Week.”

We had no idea what that meant until recently either… but, for the first week of 09, our most favorite Red River venues will be hosting some pretty amazing bands!

For free! (hence, the “free” part of “free week” smartypants).

Jan. 2nd-Jan. 10th… and, not just at Emo’s as in past years, but Club de Ville, Red 7, the Mohawk, and le Beauty Bar too!

We are also excited to see that Car Stereo Wars will be playing after midnight. We don’t know if Chris will remember us, but  we met him during SXSW and he was seriously the nicest person on earth!

Tell us who else we should go see!

Happy New Year!

UPDATE! We realized we’ve been holding out on you! Earthbird Music provided a really easy (simple like “The Google” for your parents) cheat sheet with all of the bands/dates/locations and it is here. Who said we never gave you anything? (Ok, so that rash didn’t count! Meep!)




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