Eastsiders: James

3 01 2009

So we wanted to try something new with the blog. We basically want to get to know who are neighbors are and we figured why not start with ourselves. We will be contacting some of our “fans” on our Facebook page to see if they are interested. Who knows, this might be fun. If you want to take part in it, you can reach us here. Me first!

n829083901_1107113_7996EA: Do you live in East Austin? If so, how long have you been here and why did you move to this neighborhood in particular?

JF: Yup… I have been living here for about 9 months. Ever since I moved to Austin. We really liked this neighborhood. We felt that the diversity was something that we really liked and there are a ton of people here that seemed to be like minded people.

EA: Which are you favorite East Austin spots when just looking for a place to relax?

JF: I really like The Good Knight and East Side Cafe. The bartender at The Good Knight is really awesome and really wants to make sure that we are enjoying their new drinks. East Side Cafe is just one of those places where you can always get something great to eat and it’s perfect for when you got friends in town. They are always impressed by the food and the garden.

EA: So what do you do?

JF: I work for an engineering firm…modeling buildings in 3D. Basically it means I blog and troll facebook and blogs all day.

EA: There have been a ton of new places that have chosen East Austin as their new digs. The Good Knight, Shangri La, Kemestry Salon, Birds Barbershop, Karibu and the list goes on. How do you feel about this?

JF: I like it. The more we have here in our own neighborhood, the more walkable it can be. Which is something that I really am looking forward to. The more restaurants and shops we can get in this area the better. I still hope that we retain some of the existing stuff… it’s just that a lot of these buildings are empty and could use a great tenant.

EA:  Is there one thing in particular that you think we need in our neighborhood? Whole Foods? 24 hour diner?

JF: I would love a 24 hour diner. A place where we can stop by on the way home from one of the many bars in the area and sober up to some pancakes. Also, I would love to not have to go to Whole Foods or Central Market to do most of my shopping. The HEB on 7th is great for some of the necessities but I can’t do all of my shopping there.

EA: Anything else you want to say about yourself or East Austin?

JF: I really like the direction that this neighborhood is going.. and what people are doing to keep some of it the way it has been for the last decade or so. There are a lot of people here that are really welcoming to new comers.. some not so much.. but I think it will get easier.





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