Clementine: Oh Bai, Terrible Twos!

5 01 2009

When your friendly east side coffee swinger offers you a beer when you finish your dissertation proposal or ensures you have some soy milk with that big delish chocolate chip cookie, you know you’ve found home. Hence, my undying love for Clementine Coffee Bar.

This is not your libraryesque-quiet-as-a-mouse coffee shop (read: Flightpath’s cadre of “I’ll smash this pie plate right here and cut you down to your neckbone if you pick up that cell phone” back room Flightpathers), this is a really (like, ridiculously) friendly, wonderful music flowing, hopping joint. They even, in a very nice way, told me that when I order coffee with chocolate, it’s actually a “mocha.” Who knew?! Brilliant!

Anyway, Clemmie’s going to be three this week and will be celebrating with some of Austin’s finest (and I do mean F-I-N-E) musicians and some sweet dranks…

We shall see you there!


(p.s. to The Great Nostalgic… are you stalking us?!)




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5 01 2009


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