Eastsiders: Alex

5 01 2009

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzOn this edition of the Eastsiders.. we have Alex… who like us, is pretty new to the neighborhood. How awesome is this? Apparently a ceiling full of cereal boxes. That my friends is commitment. If I did that to my ceiling it would be all Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes. Remember, if you want to take part in it, you can reach us here.


EA: Do you live in East Austin? If so, how long have you been here and why did you move to this neighborhood in particular?

AL: Yes. I’ve been in Austin for about four years, primarily north of campus. I’ve been on the east side for about six months. I live near Oakwood Cemetery, and love my place over here. The neighborhood is cool, lots of parties and “going-on’s.” It’s close to everything, namely downtown, HEB/Fiesta, UT and for the most part it’s decently safe.

EA: Which are you favorite East Austin spots when just looking for a place to relax?

AL: Honestly, I hang out in the Cemetery, but that’s between you and me. The library’s cool, I like East Side pies, and Longbranch Inn is a good place to get a beer. Though I prefer Gingerman or Lovejoy’s, sorry.

EA: There have been a ton of new places that have chosen East Austin as their new digs. The Good Knight, Shangri La, Kemestry Salon, Birds Barbershop, Karibu and the list goes on. How do you feel about this?

AL: Gentrification at it’s finest. I don’t think it’s such a BAD thing, though (a lot self-righteous young people may disagree with me on that one however). It seems to me alot of longtime resident’s don’t seem to mind, either. I don’t see people picketing in the street. However, as far as these new digs go, If it’s good for the local economy, and is maintaining the integrity of the “culture” on this side of the highway, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t think I’ve checked any of them out though, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

EA: So what do you do?

AL: I’m a student, pedicabber and aspiring writer.





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