Yay! More! It’s Austin Free Week!

5 01 2009

Next up for Free Week, my lovelies, comes our dear friends, The Authors, playing Club de Ville Wednesday evening at 10 pm. They’re playing with BFF-4evs Corto Maltese and The Great Nostalgic.

Angela, the fabulous red-headed drummer for The Authors will probably laugh when she reads this but a few weeks ago at a bbq at her house, I stuck my big ol’ foot in my mouth talking about my love for her band.

Me to Angela: “Ya, you know how you go and see all of your friend’s bands because it’s the friend-y thing to do. But when I saw your band [The Authors], I was like, ‘Wow! They actually don’t suck! They’re actually really good!'”

To which Angela, munching down on the potato salad for which I had laboured for hours, quickly replied: “Ya, it’s like this potato salad! I was like, ‘Eh, it’s potato salad’ but wow, now that it’s in my mouth, it really doesn’t suck! It’s actually quite good!”

See, aren’t you in love with The Authors now too?

See you Wednesday night!





2 responses

5 01 2009

…at one of our early shows the sound guy at the venue came up to us after the show and said, “….when I was watching you guys set up, I was sure you were going to suck but you actually don’t suck – your actually pretty good.”

5 01 2009

haha, I love it!

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