Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival

7 01 2009

Clearly where my sugar dumpling should get the Asian characters (literal translation: “Spring Break 98”) on his back covered: the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival!

We missed last year’s show but heard several thousand radio ads from its laser tattoo removal sponsor and were quite intrigued by the openness of the regret-uation. Perhaps you’re already having second thoughts about that recent eggnog hangover and surprise from Santa?

I must warn you though, their website says there will be belly dancing at the show. Yes, that kind of belly dancing. Where the belly, is, actually dancing. Fox trot. Waltz. I am not sure what it is doing, but I do know that I don’t need some skinny Ab-Rollin’ betch up on me when I am trying to stuff my chompers with pita and hummus. Perhaps it’s better in this type of venue than where you’re actually trying to eat (or doing anything food related for that matter), but you will have to let me know how that goes.





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