Reason #583 Homegurl is B-R-O-K-E

12 01 2009

Perhaps you won the lottery during the holidays and have been sleeping on a pile of cash since the New Year. Not us. All we got were some lousy scratch offs that made our favorite quarter dirty. After seeing our account balances after the holidays (shockingly low, I might add) it all started coming back to us…

Oh yes, that Cherrywood Art Fair, that Blue Genie Art Bazaar, that Etsy Holiday Bazaar… Wow did we spend! Shop we did. But we were so busy that we forgot to tell you about alllll of the amazing people we met and the to-die-for things we scored. So, we are officially starting a new series called, “Sh*t! I am BROKE!” Ok, maybe it won’t be called that, but something to that effect… “Damn, I Look So Good, How Could I Possibly Be Broke?” (I welcome all suggestions… considering I probably won’t be going out for a while… seeing that it is that I am BROKE!)

Shall we begin? Reason #583 I am BROKE this month is all thanks to a fabulous artist named Melissa Gable who makes these amazing photo collages with vintage images. We scooped up three at the Cherrywood Art Fair that featured large-and-in-charge animals amidst some pretty fabulous mid-century furniture. Fab, right?

Roomscape Polar Bear Collage by Melissa Gable

Roomscape Polar Bear Collage by Melissa Gable

We thought so too. It kinda reminded us of home where 70 pound pooches freewheel all over our mid-century collection. Ok, so we have an Ikea sofa. We’re not that fabulous. But Melissa Gable is. Here is her Etsy Shop for those of you counting that lottery loot.





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