MC/VL comes to Austin

13 01 2009

You may be asking yourself, well, who is MC/VL and why should I care?

Well, to be honest, we’re not sure, but we like them a lot! Actually, it’s our friend that likes them a lot. And we trust his judgment ever since that night he didn’t put the moves on us after we threw up and passed out on his roommate’s couch. And by “we” I actually mean “me.” And by roommate, I mean that guy who wore a manbag and traveled Europe while we continued to watch SLC Punk every summer night thereafter, never making mention of the couch incident again. Alas, I digress.

Our friend saw MC/VL play the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis (man, sometimes I wonder if MPLS would just whup up on Austin if it ever came to fisticuffs) and told us (and I quote):

These guys are coming to Austin Jan. 15th. They played the Zombie Pub Crawl here last time, and blew me away. Old school/beastie boys type hip hop. If you go, tell them to get their ass back to Minneapolis already.

And there you have it.

Their MySpace page is kinda like trying to understand Charlie Brown’s “whahwahwah” teacher, but we think it’s worth a listen. And a trip to Headhunters on Red River, Jan 15th @ 8 pm. Did I mention their awesome collection of shark videos?





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