Stitch Lab is One Busy Bee!

15 01 2009

We had alll of these fabulous plans to actually use our sewing machine this year. So we looked up the fabulous sewing classes on this adorable little sewing kit we picked up at Blue Genie… or was it Cherrywood? Either way, we’re wondering if Leslie Bonnell of Stitch Lab ever sleeps!


We visited her Stitch Lab class schedule online and were blown away that just about every class has filled until Valentine’s Day!

We want to make aprons! Not only because we’ll be ready to bake our little buns off when our sugar daddy arrives in his M6 to pick us up to take us to susiehomemakerlandia, but because they’re adorable!

There is a waiting list (not for susiehomemakerlandia, but let us know if you do find one) where you can ask to be signed up for the next available class.  Thank goodness because we need to get our baking skills in order before we rock out with any new aprons.

You can see students’ creations and all kinds of cute stuff on the Flickr page here.





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