Le “Let’s Get Our Shop On” Garage Sale!

21 01 2009

le garage sale jan 24-25

Oh, just when we thought we couldn’t be happier about Happy Obama Day, we remembered that Le Garage Sale must be coming up again soon. Sure enough, it is! Yay!

For any Le Garage virgins out there, this is one of a handful of holy days for Austin shopping. All of the yummiest boutiques in town clear out all of their season end goodies at major discounts: let’s-have-a-party-dresses, fabulous shoes, the most amazing houseware stuff to be seen (pillows, bedding, plates, you name it), awesome sweaters, and about a gajillion pairs of $200 jeans down to 30 to 60 bucks. Ooh, and fab jewelry. Lots.

Le Garage Sale will be held this weekend, Jan. 24th-25th at the Palmer Events Center beginning each day at 11 AM.

And now, for some veteran advice:

1) Do not go hungover. A blueberry muffin will not save you.

2) Commence champerz drinking early. But, see also #1.

3) Bring CASH. Ones preferred.

4) Get the two day pass for $15. You will use it. Go on Sunday afternoon and snatch up all the crazzzy stuff when it’s 75% off.

5) Prepare to get nekkid. Well, there’s no dressing rooms so wear something slinky that still looks sexxxy with something over it. We’ve seen some bikini wearing too, but we are not that brave. And we’re kinda fluourescent white.

6) Go see our east side lovely lady de Solid Gold, Katie Friedman. Sooo many cute things to be found.

We hear that this is the biggest Le Garage Sale ever! We hope to see you there!





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