Eastsider: Avan!

22 01 2009

avanToday we have a lovely addition to our Eastsiders… Avan. She moved here not to long go from South Carolina where she attended college. She found herself living in both Tarrytown and Hyde Park before ending up in East Austin. Here she felt like there was a larger community presence…and that’s the way she likes it. Right now she is currently working on her annual Valentines Day mix. See below for my suggestion… and if you guys have any, leave a comment with your favorite track.

Stars – The Aspidistra Flies

EA: Do you live in East Austin? If so, how long have you been here and why did you move to this neighborhood in particular?

AA: Yes, i proudly call the east side my home. I moved over here around a little over six months ago, and have to say I LOVE my house! I’ve always wanted to live over here due to the cheap rent and adorable houses. Plus, there’s so much more culture and you really get to know the folks that live next door to you. Everyone is always outside their houses hanging out.

EA: Which are you favorite East Austin spots when just looking for a place to relax?

AA: I moved here a little over three years ago, and I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the Longbranch, Progress, and El Chilito. I’m also loving Rio Rita, Shangri la, Bossa Nova and Hot Mama’s. There are so many great places, and I still have a ton to try.

EA: There have been a ton of new places that have chosen East Austin as their new digs. The Good Knight, Shangri La, Kemestry Salon, Birds Barbershop, Karibu and the list goes on. How do you feel about this?

AA: The feelings are mixed. I love that more stuff is venturing east to add variety and occupy the abandoned spaces, but I hate all the condo/mixed use buildings popping up close to I-35 and slowly creeping further east. They aren’t affordable and are just pushing others out of their neighborhood. I wish there was a happy medium.

EA: Is there one thing in particular that you think we need in our neighborhood? Whole Foods? 24 hour diner?

AA: I love that the east side is mainly residential. It’s quiet and calm at night. I think if too many businesses get added it will take away from that vibe. Plus, I love that everything is accessible and isn’t more than a few miles away. However, another grocery store would be nice, but not a Whole Foods. I’m thinking a small locally owned one would be nice. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like driving to one of the HEBs, and my corner store isn’t too great.

EA: So what do you do? (Could be anything.. hobbies.. work)

AA: I occupy my time with anything and everything. I have an insatiable need to try everything. I hand-dye shirts and stitch designs on them, I help a non-profit with their database, I babysit kiddos, I watch way too many movies and I spend a lot of time in the park reading whatever I can get my hands on.

EA: Whats your favorite album at the moment?

AA: Favorite album right now – hmmmm. I’ve been listening to Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s newest release “Lie Down In The Light” and working on my annual Valentine’s mix, which means listening to a ton of different songs trying to find the perfect songs.

EA: How did you hear about us?

AA: I actually saw your business card at one of the coffee shops on E. 6th and picked it up.

EA: Anything else you want to say about yourself or East Austin?

AA: Venture over here and hang out. You’ll fall in love too.

Remember.. if you want to give us your two cents and help with the Eastsiders series… email us!





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