Coming Soon: Eastside Show Room

26 01 2009

eastIf you have driven down 6th in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that the building on E. 6th and Medina has been painted and closed for business in preparation for a new tenant. We stopped by one day and met Mickie and Chauncey, who were working hard mixing cement and trying to get the place in top shape for a March opening. Despite working long hours (we saw people working way into the night last weekend), they are thinking they might have to push the opening to April. 

So what’s it gonna be, you ask? Well, the space will be home to The Eastside Show Room, a nod to pre-WWII era cafes. We are hoping that means there wont be any more breakfast tacos being sold here…. we have plenty of options for those darn things. We wre told that the East Side Show Room chef is creating a seasonal menu that will  be sure to keep people coming back… we are keeping our fingers crossed for some awesome bagels.

They will also have a multi-disciplinary performance space where artists ranging from poets to puppeteers can show off their skills. We think this place will be a great addition to what is turning out to be a 6th street without that distinct urine stench we typically find just west of 35. Check out their site for all the info.




4 responses

26 01 2009
Cesar Torres

I saw this a few times on my walks between Conjunctured and Progress for lunch. I should know that you guys are on top of it. 🙂

Sounds cool, we definitely need more awesome places to eat around here. Super excited for more restaurants and for Birds!

26 01 2009

Yeah.. we are really excited about it too.. but I really do wish they had a 24 hour diner. Some times… after a few rounds at the Good Knight… I want some pancakes and eggs and magnolia is just too far. It doesnt have to be a diner.. but a 24 hour joint might be nice.

26 01 2009

Nice! Thanks for clearing up what is going on there. I’m always ready for new eateries to try!!

27 01 2009
Cesar Torres

Any new place that would be 24-hr. would be awesome for the entire city. But I can’t help want all the cool things to be on the east side. 😉

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