Ink! We need ink STAT!

26 01 2009

2265839730_7aba8ae382We have a couple of pieces on our bodies and we are having that urge for another one. There are a couple of designs in mind for myself. Maybe something influenced by what you see on the left. Possibly maybe an umbrella. I’m not too sure just yet, but we are on the hunt for a great tattoo artist. We hear the Eastside has some top notch talent, but we wanted to see what you guys have experienced for yourselves. Any thoughts? Comments please!




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26 01 2009

Hi there!

A year ago I got a tattoo on the eastside and had a really great experience. I went to Telepathic on 502 Onion St. I got tattooed by Larry (who is gnarly tattooed like a leopard) and he did a superb job! The other staff there is hella cool and got some good experience underneath their belt.

26 01 2009

Hey Kate!

Thanks for the heads up… I tried to find some info on them on the web and the only thing i could find was their myspace page. It looks like they moved.. still on the eastside but on 11th st now.

We will check them out pretty soon… anyone else been here?

26 01 2009

Triple Crown on Chicon is awesome!!

30 01 2009

Jason Brooks
Rock of Ages

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