YouTube: Agave In East Austin

26 01 2009

There are a lot of homes that have been gutted out and renovated using a lot of “green” materials. But there is a whole neighborhood that has been built from the ground up with an emphasis on being green and energy efficient. The Agave looks like a really slick little subdivision… we just wish we could afford it. Check out the youtube video we found while watching looking for funny cat videos.




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26 01 2009

it is indeed a wonderful place!
We live there….we’re amazed every day with how well they built our home but even more than that, how cool our neighbors are because no one lives in a place like this and is stuffy!
more pics on their website:
We also won a national word that was sponsored by Dreyer’s icecream as being the “Coolest Neighborhood in the United States”‘

that video is shot in a lot that wasn’t developed yet…much prettier in person…come see! 🙂
Thanks for the blog mention!
–Alana and Alex on Agatha Cr. in Agave with Ausitn…

27 01 2009

That’s pretty awesome that it won some awards… anything sponsored by Dreyer’s takes the cake. I have’nt seen it personally but we might be checking it out soon.

29 01 2009

I absolutely love my home and living in Agave. We are so close to everything and yet don’t have the congestion of other parts of Austin. The views of the sunset from my deck are fabulous, the neighbors totally cool.

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