¿Cómo se dice, “bootytronic”?

28 01 2009

Just a reminder about the fabulous dance-a-thon Friday, January 30th at Creekside Lounge, hosted by one of our fave Austinites Beef of  We are High Society and UG Life.


So its a DANCE-A-THON!! Thats right kids! You think you can dance all night then bring it on! There will be CASH and PRIZES a plenty for the last dancer standing.

cost!: 8 bucks or 6 bucks with 2 canned goods!!
(the cans are going to Caritas of Austin)

FREE LONE STAR AND RED BULL (while supplies last)

Doors open at 9 for registration and stretching then dancing will start at 9:30 sharp! If you want to dance for the cash and prizes please get there before 9:30! We can not allow late entry to the Dance-a-thon it would not be fair.

Dance to the jams of Hot Britches, TEAMWORK and Da Miing.

We will also have…
photo booth with Trevor Ray Thompson
give aways from Hey! Unite and beats broke records.




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