Last Day Austin Chronicle Music Poll!

29 01 2009

Tomorrow is the last day to celebrate democracy in Austin! Ok Chicken Little, chill the eff out!

Just a quick reminder that you have 24 hours left to submit your last dying words to vote for the best bands of Austin! Basically, if you were good when we first told you about this special day in Chroniclelandia and already voted, we don’t suggest even thinking about doing it again. We’re pretty sure the Chron will come and hunt you and your IP address down. With a sawed off shot gun. And my pink taser.

austin-music-pollMusic Poll 2008-2009

After 27 years, you know the drill: This is your chance to duct-tape the critics’ mouths shut and speak up about Austin music. Not sure whom to vote for? Turn on the radio, drop by the local record store, or head to the clubs. Your favorite band is probably playing.

-Entries must be received by Friday, January 30, 2009.
-Absolutely no more than one (1) ballot to a person.
-Ballot stuffers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This could get ugly, so don’t do it.
-We will need all of your contact information to accept your web entry.
-Please read our Privacy Policy.

Ballots available in current issues of The Chronicle or at

Happy Voting!





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