Weekend Round Up! Jan 30 – Feb 1

30 01 2009

weekend-pie-graphHi loves! It’s that time of the week where you can forget about your miserable Monday through Thursday life and spend two days thinking about how dastardly your life is going to be on Monday again. Ok, we’re exaggerating. Like always.

Here are all the glorious things happening this weekend!

First off, there are several GREAT shows this weekend!

Friday, January 30

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Creekside Lounge hosts a Dance-a-Thon beginning at 9:30 PM. We’ve heard lots of great theories about how the dancers will be able to continue dancing, drinking, peeing, and/or all of the above.

Saturday, January 31

Tomorrow, Frankenbike will be held at Rio Rita. Yay! Bike parts and (hopefully?) bloody marys! Or is that “maries”? Then you can your sweet byckle on over to The Peacock to hear Tribella and Paige Lewis. Or, you can get really, really wild at Carnaval.

Sunday, February 1

Super Bowl Sunday. That’s all we got for you, folks. And knitting and ignoring the TV if you want to come to our house.




One response

1 02 2009
Tiffany Diane

Ok, so just now finally got around to posting one of the posts promised to you guys. We’ll see how long it takes me to get another one out.

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