We Moved!

6 02 2009

If you are still seeing this…. you are on the old blog. We moved to a nicer and fancier site… click on the image below to be taken to the new blog!



Forgive Us!

3 02 2009

We are working on a few things right now so the blog will probably be coming in and out for the next day or so. We are working on it too make it better for everyone. We are looking to add more contributors, more pictures, more interviews and more stuff in general. So stay tuned. If you want to help out, LET US KNOW!


Mode Needs You!

3 02 2009

modeimageOh, dear. We are kind of getting to that point where we really can’t take any more of this economic drudgery… So, sorry to be the bearers of yet more bad news, but it seems as though tough times have fallen upon Mode Apparel.


Seems they are having a big ol’ sale to scrape together some cash. So, if you’ve got some, spread the love. And get some cool threads while you’re at it?

We would really hate to see Mode go. Damn you, economy. I mean really, what’s it going to take for you to get off your ass and get back in proper working order?

Here are the deets straight from the Mode girls (p.s. a la mode means “in the fashion.” I watched Little Miss Sunshine” the other day and that is what I learned from it. Also, that Steve Carrell is kind of attractive. What did I just say? Yeah. You heard me.)

Hello friends a la mode,

As you know this is a bad economy we are living in… wish we had crystal ball but we did not… anyway, mode is unfortunately becoming very close to closing our doors like so many other small businesses in Austin already… we obviously do not want this to happen and we are trying to stay optimistic but we must also be realistic.
So since this is such a shitty economy… we are going to continue our “semi-barter” sale because I know that no one has money. I put the quotes around semi-barter sale because basically we will pretty much take any price for our things (beggers can’t be chosers!!!!)! Anyway, hope you all are not suffering too bad.
Best wishes!!!


From the WTF Files: Snuggie Cult

2 02 2009

snuggiesThe Snuggie: Reason #5768 that I am never getting married. First, because this is what happens to you when you get married. And second (really, reason #5769) is that my ol’ sugar pie recently visited his recently married friends who turned down his holiday gift bottle of vodka (“we don’t really drink anymore”) before setting down to the couch in their matching snuggies for the evening.

BARFFFFFFFFFFFF (NSFW vid–unless you work at UT where they don’t give a shiz)



Weekend Round Up! Jan 30 – Feb 1

30 01 2009

weekend-pie-graphHi loves! It’s that time of the week where you can forget about your miserable Monday through Thursday life and spend two days thinking about how dastardly your life is going to be on Monday again. Ok, we’re exaggerating. Like always.

Here are all the glorious things happening this weekend!

First off, there are several GREAT shows this weekend!

Friday, January 30

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Creekside Lounge hosts a Dance-a-Thon beginning at 9:30 PM. We’ve heard lots of great theories about how the dancers will be able to continue dancing, drinking, peeing, and/or all of the above.

Saturday, January 31

Tomorrow, Frankenbike will be held at Rio Rita. Yay! Bike parts and (hopefully?) bloody marys! Or is that “maries”? Then you can your sweet byckle on over to The Peacock to hear Tribella and Paige Lewis. Or, you can get really, really wild at Carnaval.

Sunday, February 1

Super Bowl Sunday. That’s all we got for you, folks. And knitting and ignoring the TV if you want to come to our house.

Hotness Melting All the Frozen Foods

30 01 2009

With Valentine’s Day literally minutes away and National Frozen Food Month a quick two weeks later, we bring you some more Austin nom nom nomCraigslist Eastside Love. This week, we’ve not seen much of the usual Missed Connections suspects, The Good Knight or Rio Rita, but the HEB that least makes us want to cut ourselves on the eastside: The Riverside HEB.


Reply to: pers-1012176802@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2009-01-29, 1:08AM CST

Hey man. You said hello as I was leaving. You were working and moved to my lane as I was leaving (unfortunately). I was eating while being checked out. What color was my trench coat?

I would like to see that beautiful face again.

  • Location: HEB on RIVERSIDE

Take that HEB on 7th! You hateful chip and cookie shack!


Last Day Austin Chronicle Music Poll!

29 01 2009

Tomorrow is the last day to celebrate democracy in Austin! Ok Chicken Little, chill the eff out!

Just a quick reminder that you have 24 hours left to submit your last dying words to vote for the best bands of Austin! Basically, if you were good when we first told you about this special day in Chroniclelandia and already voted, we don’t suggest even thinking about doing it again. We’re pretty sure the Chron will come and hunt you and your IP address down. With a sawed off shot gun. And my pink taser.

austin-music-pollMusic Poll 2008-2009

After 27 years, you know the drill: This is your chance to duct-tape the critics’ mouths shut and speak up about Austin music. Not sure whom to vote for? Turn on the radio, drop by the local record store, or head to the clubs. Your favorite band is probably playing.

-Entries must be received by Friday, January 30, 2009.
-Absolutely no more than one (1) ballot to a person.
-Ballot stuffers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. This could get ugly, so don’t do it.
-We will need all of your contact information to accept your web entry.
-Please read our Privacy Policy.

Ballots available in current issues of The Chronicle or at www.austinchronicle.com/musicpoll

Happy Voting!