Mode Needs You!

3 02 2009

modeimageOh, dear. We are kind of getting to that point where we really can’t take any more of this economic drudgery… So, sorry to be the bearers of yet more bad news, but it seems as though tough times have fallen upon Mode Apparel.


Seems they are having a big ol’ sale to scrape together some cash. So, if you’ve got some, spread the love. And get some cool threads while you’re at it?

We would really hate to see Mode go. Damn you, economy. I mean really, what’s it going to take for you to get off your ass and get back in proper working order?

Here are the deets straight from the Mode girls (p.s. a la mode means “in the fashion.” I watched Little Miss Sunshine” the other day and that is what I learned from it. Also, that Steve Carrell is kind of attractive. What did I just say? Yeah. You heard me.)

Hello friends a la mode,

As you know this is a bad economy we are living in… wish we had crystal ball but we did not… anyway, mode is unfortunately becoming very close to closing our doors like so many other small businesses in Austin already… we obviously do not want this to happen and we are trying to stay optimistic but we must also be realistic.
So since this is such a shitty economy… we are going to continue our “semi-barter” sale because I know that no one has money. I put the quotes around semi-barter sale because basically we will pretty much take any price for our things (beggers can’t be chosers!!!!)! Anyway, hope you all are not suffering too bad.
Best wishes!!!



Le “Let’s Get Our Shop On” Garage Sale!

21 01 2009

le garage sale jan 24-25

Oh, just when we thought we couldn’t be happier about Happy Obama Day, we remembered that Le Garage Sale must be coming up again soon. Sure enough, it is! Yay!

For any Le Garage virgins out there, this is one of a handful of holy days for Austin shopping. All of the yummiest boutiques in town clear out all of their season end goodies at major discounts: let’s-have-a-party-dresses, fabulous shoes, the most amazing houseware stuff to be seen (pillows, bedding, plates, you name it), awesome sweaters, and about a gajillion pairs of $200 jeans down to 30 to 60 bucks. Ooh, and fab jewelry. Lots.

Le Garage Sale will be held this weekend, Jan. 24th-25th at the Palmer Events Center beginning each day at 11 AM.

And now, for some veteran advice:

1) Do not go hungover. A blueberry muffin will not save you.

2) Commence champerz drinking early. But, see also #1.

3) Bring CASH. Ones preferred.

4) Get the two day pass for $15. You will use it. Go on Sunday afternoon and snatch up all the crazzzy stuff when it’s 75% off.

5) Prepare to get nekkid. Well, there’s no dressing rooms so wear something slinky that still looks sexxxy with something over it. We’ve seen some bikini wearing too, but we are not that brave. And we’re kinda fluourescent white.

6) Go see our east side lovely lady de Solid Gold, Katie Friedman. Sooo many cute things to be found.

We hear that this is the biggest Le Garage Sale ever! We hope to see you there!


Reason #583 Homegurl is B-R-O-K-E

12 01 2009

Perhaps you won the lottery during the holidays and have been sleeping on a pile of cash since the New Year. Not us. All we got were some lousy scratch offs that made our favorite quarter dirty. After seeing our account balances after the holidays (shockingly low, I might add) it all started coming back to us…

Oh yes, that Cherrywood Art Fair, that Blue Genie Art Bazaar, that Etsy Holiday Bazaar… Wow did we spend! Shop we did. But we were so busy that we forgot to tell you about alllll of the amazing people we met and the to-die-for things we scored. So, we are officially starting a new series called, “Sh*t! I am BROKE!” Ok, maybe it won’t be called that, but something to that effect… “Damn, I Look So Good, How Could I Possibly Be Broke?” (I welcome all suggestions… considering I probably won’t be going out for a while… seeing that it is that I am BROKE!)

Shall we begin? Reason #583 I am BROKE this month is all thanks to a fabulous artist named Melissa Gable who makes these amazing photo collages with vintage images. We scooped up three at the Cherrywood Art Fair that featured large-and-in-charge animals amidst some pretty fabulous mid-century furniture. Fab, right?

Roomscape Polar Bear Collage by Melissa Gable

Roomscape Polar Bear Collage by Melissa Gable

We thought so too. It kinda reminded us of home where 70 pound pooches freewheel all over our mid-century collection. Ok, so we have an Ikea sofa. We’re not that fabulous. But Melissa Gable is. Here is her Etsy Shop for those of you counting that lottery loot.


Vida Loca Vintage Boutique

5 01 2009


Vida Loca Vintage Boutique has recently opened here on the East Side. If you have been to Juan in a Million in the last few weeks to grab some of their breakfast tacos, you might have noticed the flashy new sign. You can read some info below from The Statesman. We haven’t been there but if any of you guys have, give us a shout and let us know what you think.

“With all of the grim retail news out there, here’s a bright spot: East Austin has a new vintage store. Vida Loca Vintage has opened at Plaza Juan Raul, also home to Juan in a Million, Longhorn Bikes and Things She Adores, 2306 E. Cesar Chavez St.

This is the first such venture for native Austinite Blanca Wise, a vintage clothing and costume jewelry “fanatic,” who got the idea for the store after watching the crowds line up for tables at Juan in a Million on weekends, especially after church. When a rental space opened up, the Westwood High graduate jumped on it. “I figured giving it its name would not only give the store some culture, but also serve as a symbol of my ‘crazy’ endeavor,” she says in a press release.

The shop offers men’s and women’s clothing, boots, watches and costume jewelry. The store’s grand opening starts at 9 a.m. Saturday and will feature refreshments.”


Man Fest ’08 and Birds Barbershop Coming to East Austin!

5 12 2008


Manfest ’08 is upon us this year. The manly festivities will commence this Sunday at 2:00 pm but will continue into the month with half off of all men’s products at Birds Barbershop. The most interesting thing to us was the following.

“PS- Eastsiders, we’re coming to you this winter. If Shangri-La, The Good Knight, Rio Rita or Cisco’s are regular haunts of yours, hopefully you’ll add Birds on E. 6th to that list. It’s an empty, historic-ish building now, so we’ll keep you posted”

We are sure that most of you guys will love the addition of another salon. With Vain, Kemestry and Method Hair all residing in East Austin, no one will even need to leave the neighborhood for a cut.

thanks for the tip dani!

Mode 1st Aniversary Party

4 12 2008


Mode will be having their 1st anniversary party this Sunday at 1601 E. Cesar Chavez #101. The party will commence at 6:00pm and their will be free food and drinks along with DJ Generic laying down some tracks. Look at us. Laying down tracks. Man we sound too freaking cool for school.

Bad Ass Artist Wanted

1 12 2008

We haven’t had a chance to drop by the East End Gallery, which is located at the corner of Navasota and 11th, but we hear they are looking for more artist. They dropped this little gem on their Myspace. So if you are an artist and make some of the following, you can reach them here to possibly get some of your stuff sold there.

If you’re a bad-ass and you’re an artist, East End needs you!!!
We are looking for artists who make purses/handbags, scarves & hats, and Fine Art, so gimme a holler y’all!
Sue @ East End Gallery