Birds Coming to East Sixth

3 02 2009

birds on sixthAs we’ve mentioned before, Birds is heading east! We’re really excited but learned that the best stylist in the world, Lori, will be staying at the Lamar Birds. Sad face emoticon goes here.

We didn’t know when/where/etc, but today we receive this update about their plans to move to East Sixth:

See you soon at a Birds near you. For all you Eastsiders, that shouldn’t be too long. Our new shop at 1107 E 6th will be open by the end of the month. Click the tape [to the left] to get a snapshot of where we’ll be.

Lone Star and Chocolate-y Other Beer for Everyone!



Second Sunday Sock Hop in February

2 02 2009

Our new love, Shangri-La, is hosting this month’s Second Sunday Sock Hop this Sunday evening, Feb 8th. Too much to decide from this evening between the Downtown Alamo’s The Rock-Afire Explosion Super Star Pizza Party (thanks, Cati!) and the L Word (thanks Tivo!).

second sunday sock hop feb 8 2009


CD Release Party at The Peacock

27 01 2009

tribella cd release party jan 31 the peacock

Our main squeeze, The Peacock, is hosting the very lovely Tribella trio and Paige Lewis on Saturday, Jan. 31. We recommend the pear martini to accompany your listening pleasure. Aww, delightful!

Get Out of Those Jammies!

12 01 2009

second sunday sock hopThe Second Sunday Sock Hop is going on tonight! Right now!

Maybe you’re like us and had too good of a time last night (thanks T+E! and Maker’s Mark! wow!), so we are urging you get to out of those jammies and get those dancing shoes on!

You still have two hours left to twist the night away at Shangri-La!

1016 e 6th st. $5 at the door!


MLK Celebration on Monday, Jan 19

10 01 2009

Hopefully you have got the day off on Monday to help celebrate the life and work of Dr. King. As in past years, there will a march and festival this year that will end on the east side’s Huston-Tillotson campus. It begins at 9 AM at the MLK statue on UT’s campus so no sleeping in! Ok, ok, the march starts at 10 am at the Capitol so you squeeze in a full hour of beauty sleep (not that you need it, sexyface).

To celebrate the national MLK day holiday, the Heritage Council is sponsoring the 2009 Community March. The purpose of this 16th annual Community March is to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy while uplifting diversity and multi-culturalism in our city. The 2009 MLK Community March kicks off at 9 a.m. with a short program at the MLK Statue on the University of Texas campus. We will then march to the Capitol for a brief program. Thereafter, we will march to the historic Huston-Tillotson University, where exciting activities are planned.

In previous years, the march has drawn up to an estimated 15,000 people and we are anticipating even more individuals to unite for this special occasion in January 2009. All businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals are invited to march with us and celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

The 2009 celebration festivities, as well as the free parking locations, are along Capital Metro’s bus routes. A change in federal regulations in 2008 prevents Capital Metro from providing event shuttle service to/from the MLK festivities.

We love that CapMetro is still able to shuttle drunk people allll around town (late night bus booty calls, heyyyy), but not to any MLK activities. Here is a fabulous map for all of the activities. We’re hoping that the weather is much, much better than in 2008 (freezing, rainy, blustery) and 2007 (unprecendented, yet pretty magnificent, ice storm).

And, true to our nature, we’re also praying hard that there will be a funnel cake with our names on it at the end of this parade.

mlk march 2006

mlk march 2006

Weekend Round-Up!

9 01 2009


Hot damn there’s a lot to do this weekend! So we’re going to do our best to remember it all for you here!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Clementine Coffee Bar turns three! (and parties all day like they’re going on 21!) It’s the second to last night of Austin Free Week (double pouts all around) so get it while you can! Yelpers get nekkid in public… Ok, actually it’s Austin’s Yelp Annual Kick-Off Party!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Star of Texas Tattoo Revival (where basically you can look much, much cooler than the rest of us)… Beerland hosts a fabulous send off party to Austin Free Week too because it’s the last night of Austin Free Week (damn it all to hell)… And, party at The Music Gym!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

WE WANT IT!!! It’s sexytime for the Second Sunday Sock Hop at Shangri-La! Break out the dancing shoes, sweetpea! Last but certainly not least, please keep your peepers peeled for that little red-nosed bebe whom we’ve thought about all week, Beans.

Happy Weekend to you!

Second Sunday Sock Hop! Shangri-La!

8 01 2009

Well, hello there! Who knew we could be so oh-so-lucky to have two sock hops (not just one!) in 12 days?

We never made it out to the New Year’s Eve Second Sunday Sock Hop (for reasons we’d rather not discuss… and no, they are NOT at all related to the introduction of Rock Band to our lives) at the east side’s new Shangri-La, but we will do our best to (put down the drumsticks and) see you there!

If not, it’s like $240 dollars worth of pudding: Don’t you worry your pretty little head about, baby.

Barry: Now I know what you’re thinkin’
LeVon: Barry and Le Von, where did you get two-hundred and forty dollars?
Barry: [shake head and put finger to mouth] Shhhhhh.
LeVon: Aw yeah.
Barry: Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, baby
LeVon: It ain’t your concern.

Ah, yes. SSSH will be at 1016 e 6th st. from 9 pm – 2 am with a fiver.