Eastside Pedal Pushers: A New Home

22 01 2009


As we’re sure most of you have noticed by now, Eastside Pedal Pushers has moved out of their 6th street locale. We’ve been meaning to write about the bike shop for a while now. We know. Shame on us. But we’re doing it now, ok???

So here’s the story: We took our bike to Eastside a while ago to get some work done. As we’ve said before, we’ve been to many a bike shop in many a city, so we’re not new to the “cooler then thou” ‘tudes of most bike shop dudes. But so far, the guys at the shop were cool, toook the bike and told us we could pick it up the next day. A little later, we got a phone call from the mechanic who had a few questions about how we actually use the bike, how we like the saddle and the stem to be set up, how we like the peddals, all sorts of stuff. It was pretty awesome that they took the time to actually ask us how we wanted things, and it was clear that they really knew their stuff. I’ve never actually had a bike shop do that before, so we were more than pleased.

For instance: I once had a wheel trued at a different shop, but the mechanic failed to tell me that in order for it to be true, there wasn’t any tension on some of the spokes. The wheel folded like a pancake. Not the case with these guys… we picked up the bike the very next day and all was well.

But now, in a controversial and heated move, apparently, they have packed their bags for the greener pastures of their new 1414 E. 5th Street home. While it’s true that noone ever wants to lose their home, we consider ourselves lucky to have these guys still in the neighborhood. We are of the mindset that everything happens for a reason, so we hope that the ESPP guys will be very happy in their new diggs. We actually think it’s a great new spot since it’s close to the ubber bike friendly Progress Coffee. But what do we know.

So what will happen to their old shop? It’s already being repainted and re-vamped into… a coffee shop? These are the rumors, anyhow. We hope they turn out to be a great addition to the area and we will definitely keep you posted.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for a grocery or store of some sort. Or a diner. That would be nice. Or a bakery? mmm. Or maybe a gelatto shop. Oh yeah… um, can you tell it’s getting close to lunch time??





2 responses

22 01 2009
Chop Chop

Just to let you know, this building has been rented by two sisters who plan to open an art gallery/deli. Last I heard they build art/furniture and plan to host events that would include live music and wine.

23 01 2009

Thanks for the heads up Chop’s. I think we are going to try to swing by to see how they are doing and get some more info for the blog. I hope both places end up being happy at their new diggs.

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